Parent Support Adviser

In March 2019 we introduced our new Parent Support Adviser, Mrs Michelle Draisey, and her trusty Labradoodle, Kizzy.

You can read all about them both here:

New PSA, letter to parents, March 2019


School response to the current Cornavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis…


 Find weekly well-being emails from Mrs Draisey here:

Mrs Draisey’s PSA Well-being Email, 24.03.20

Mrs Draisey’s PSA Well-being Email, 01.04.20

                           Mrs Draisey’s PSA Well-being Email, 21.04.20

                           Mrs Draisey’s PSA Well-being Email, 28.04.20

                           Mrs Draisey’s PSA Well-being Email, 05.05.20



 Look here for a weekly update from Kizzy too:

Kizzy’s Thursday News, Number 1 – 26.03.20

Kizzy’s Thursday News, Number 2 – 04.04.20

                            Kizzy’s Easter Newsletter, 09.04 20

                            Kizzy’s Thursday News, Number 3 – 23.04.20

                            Kizzy’s Thursday News, Number 4 – 30.04.20

                            Kizzy’s Thursday News, Number 5 – 07.05.20


Wiltshire Council Newsletters for Children:

Wiltshire Primary Round-Up Newsletter – Issue 1