Lime Class

Welcome to Lime Class!

Year 5 is an exciting year, full of opportunities for the children. We have school council, sporting clubs, residential trips and much more! Over the coming year they will be covering lots of interesting topics, including the World War and Space!

At the beginning of the year we try to transition into Year 5 by being superb role models for the school. They are almost at the very top of the school and need to be prepared for that responsibility in Year 6. Work needs to be presented neatly and we always need to try our hardest. (Even when something is tricky).

In English, we will be studying a range of non-fiction and fiction texts. We will be discussing the key features of the different texts and creating our own masterpieces. Grammar and punctuation are key in understanding the different genres and texts. Learning this will be a priority in English lessons so that we can improve our writing.

Maths is challenging in Year 5 as we begin with recapping our year 4 knowledge and slowly transitioning into more sophisticated methods. We will be exploring statistics, multiplication and division fractions, perimeter and area decimals and percentages and geometry. Gaining key skills to enable us to master these topics is important, as well as solving multi step problems to gain more fluency and reasoning.

Please follow the link for the latest Lime Class newsletter. This contains some more information about the coming academic year. If you have any other questions or concerns which the newsletter does not cover please feel free to contact me.

Miss Papworth-Smith