Maple Class

Hello and welcome to Maple Class.

We are the Year 2 pupils in Woodborough School and the final year in Key Stage 1. By the time the children reach Maple Class they will be fully settled into school routines and will have developed many of the skills and attitudes essential to learning. As such, we aim to accelerate the pace of learning in response to the children’s thirst for knowledge.

In Maple Class we begin to broaden the scope of the children’s education in preparation for Key Stage 2. We help the children make links and spot relationships between different areas of the curriculum and give their learning a context within the world in which they live.

In Mathematics we begin to introduce more formal methods for recording the children’s increasingly complex calculations and we look at fractions, shape, telling the time and position and direction.  Throughout the year we will continuously develop our problem solving skills in all strands of mathematics while constantly building up our use of mathematical vocabulary to help us explain our reasoning.

In English we continue to extend reading and writing in different genres; extending the children’s knowledge of phonics in reading and then introducing more spelling patterns.  We will use Talk 4 Writing throughout the year to develop our spoken language and internalise the language patterns for different text genres before applying these to our independent writing activities.  We will continuously build on our understanding and use of grammar rules in our writing too.

Our topics this year include subject specific focus on science, geography, DT and history.  Our topic titles include:

‘Inventions and Discoveries’

‘Super Structures’

‘What a Wonderful World’

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Mrs Johanson

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