‘How Our World Works’ Lectures


In Spring Term 2016 our Governing Body launched a series of evening talks for pupils in Years 5 and 6 and this academic year the invitation has been extended to pupils in Year 4.

The ‘How Our World Works’ talks have introduced our pupils to a wonderful variety of guest speakers who have shared fascinating  insights into their very diverse careers.

Take a look at the amazing lectures we have shared so far…

View the 2018/19 lecture series flyer here: HOW OUR WORLD WORKS series flyer, 2019

View the 2017/18 lecture series flyer here: HOW OUR WORLD WORKS series flyer, 2018

View the 2016/17 lecture series flyer here: HOW OUR WORLD WORKS series flyer, 2017

View the 2015/16 lecture series flyer here: HOW OUR WORLD WORKS series flyer, 2016

Saving Lives
Radio DJ, 14.04.16
The Emperor's New Clothes

Following the success for the 2015/16 lecture series, more  guest speakers were booked for 2016/17: HOW OUR WORLD WORKS series flyer, 2017 (2)

Germs & Medicines
Rocks from Space
Sharks, Manta Ray & The Indian Ocean
Major S Napier

You can see below some of the fun we’ve had…

Soldiers, Germs & Medicines, 24.11.16

Rocks From Space, 16.03.17

On 25th May 2017 we were delighted to be joined by Major Steve Napier who presented the fascinating story of his ‘Race to the North Pole’. Major Napier shared insights, photos and resources and pupils explored the tent from his expedition and tried on the multiple layers needed for protection in temperatures in excess of -40 degrees!


The 2017/18 ‘HOWW’ series commenced on 9th November with a brilliant presentation by Mr James Murrell which told of his career as a British Army helicopter pilot and an instructor and test pilot at QuinetiQ. Mr Murrell answered many, many questions and pupils also enjoyed the opportunity to test his Apache flying helmet for size 🙂



On Thursday 25th January we were all fascinated to learn about Mrs Warburg’s engineering career. We all went home to scrutinise the notes and coins in our purses and wallets!

‘Real or Fake’, Lexie Warburg 25.01.18


We’d like to say a very big THANK YOU to Mr James Noble, parent of former pupils at our school and Forester, for his excellent and informative talk on Thursday 24th May, about conservation and improvement of precious woodland areas.



The 2018/19 HOWW Series commenced on 27th September with ‘Tales from the Riverbank’ presented by Harriet Alvis, Project  Manager for Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART).

Children and adults alike learned about topics including river restoration, natural flood management and were fascinated to hear how eel bristles are used to help eels navigate weirs in order to swim upstream.

The 2018/19 HOWW Series continues on 15th November with the following:

HOWW Bicycle Safari, 15.11.18

HOWW Sadler, 07.02.19