School Links

At Woodborough School we realise that we live in a big world and that much of our children’s education is to be found beyond the school gates. As such we are always keen to forge links with the local community and beyond. Below are some links to our community and our world.


As a Church of England School, Woodborough has close links to the church and, in particular, our local church, St. Mary Magdalene and vicar, Canon Deborah Larkey.
You can find an interesting history of our church by visiting Wiltshire Council’s website at the following link… Woodborough Church

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Woodborough School is proud to have strong links with St Timothy’s School in South Sudan. Woodborough is home to The St Timothy Foundation, a voluntary organisation that works to raise funds which support projects suggested by Bishop Samuel Peni and the people of Nzara, an area in the process of recovering from 20 years of civil war between the North and South of Sudan. Our school has hosted visits by Bishop Samuel which not only raise awareness of St Timothy’s but also provide an important lesson and perspective for the children of Woodborough School. Visit The St Timothy Foundation website at…


We are extremely fortunate to have been granted an area of woodland close to the school through which to extend the children’s learning. Throughout the last academic year all classes visited the woodland as part of their class topic work and since September 2016, pupils in Sycamore and Maple Classes have visited every week, come rain or shine. Woodland Learning has been shown to benefit pupils in many ways, including self confidence & self-esteem, team work, motivation, skills and knowledge, and pride in, and understanding of, their surrounding environment. We look forward to sharing our Woodland Learning with you very soon through the establishment of a Woodland Learning blog… more news will follow soon…


Woodborough Social Club provides a meeting point at the heart of the community and, as well as kindly providing parking facilities for our school, it also hosts a very popular ‘family night’ every Friday which is a favourite of many pupils from Woodborough School.
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At Woodborough School we follow the adventures of James Ketchell. James, who describes himself as a ‘serial adventurer’, was kind enough to come to school to tell us about his adventures, climbing Everest and rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and what he’s going to be up in the future. In 2013 James cycled 18,000 miles around the world, rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic again (solo, of course!) and once again climbed to the 8,848m summit of Mt Everest. Yes, all in one year!
Keep up with James’ progress by visiting his site here…