Welcome to the Woodborough School Governing Body page. Here you can meet the governors and find out more about the role they play within the structure and process at Woodborough School.
The Governing Body is made up of volunteers from the parent body, the staff and the Church community. The over-arching aim is to create the best possible education for our pupils and working environment for our staff. We help in developing the strategic direction of the school, whilst also monitoring and evaluating the work of the school itself.

We act as a single decision making body whilst also delegating responsibility to sub-committees as appropriate. Our sub-committees are:

  • Curriculum, Standards & Achievement
  • Finance, Staffing, Governance & Premises
  • Health, Safety & Safeguarding
  • Parents & Community

You are very welcome to contact the governing body via the school office:

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors have the same duty to the School as parent and staff governors but they are chosen by the local Churches and act as a ‘bridge’ between the Church and the School Community; they are guardians and guides, encouraging the distinctively Christian ethos which makes a C of E School different from others.

Foundation Governors are…

Aubrey Newman

Vice-Chair of Governors and Chair of Curriculum, Standards & Achievement Committee

I was lucky enough to send my two daughters to Woodborough School which benefited them enormously. They flourished in our school's environment and thanks to the school they are growing up with a thoughtful and caring attitude to others and to the world around them.

As a Foundation Governor I hope that some of my experiences as an Architect and builder can contribute to the continuing success of the school. I am chair of the Curriculum, Standards and Achievements Committee and also a member of the Parents and Community Committee. Through both, I think it is important to encourage links with other schools and organisations, and of course, with parents. Then we will be better equipped to safeguard the ethos of our school, whilst meeting the demands of the changing educational landscape.

    Mark Banham

    I am a Foundation Governor living in Beechingstoke and whilst my own children did not attend Woodborough they both attended similar primary schools which did them proud and set the foundation for their development.

    I joined the Team in 2013 having retired from the Army and I now work for a Government  organisation that provides support services for the military reserves and cadets across the UK. I am a member of two committees and I bring the experience of my day job as a coordinator although my work commitments mean that I cannot make many of the planned meetings.  I see my role as trying to get more detailed knowledge of the school in able to better support those committees, and also to support the  Head Teacher and the Staff to deliver a quality education in a safe and inspiring environment.

    I am committed to preserving the ethos and standards of Woodborough School through the challenges ahead.

      Mary Partis

      Chair of Parents & Community Committee

      I have a passionate interest in giving children an excellent start in education. As a Foundation Governor I also try to ensure that Woodborough School’s Christian Ethos is recognised in all that we do.

      I have a Bachelor of Nursing Degree from The Welsh National School of Medicine (Cardiff). I worked initially in Coronary Care but then pursued my real interest, Midwifery. A career I thoroughly enjoyed up to my retirement in 1999. In 2009 I started working as a part-time teaching assistant at Woodborough School.

      I am married to Rob, a freelance TV lighting cameraman. We have two daughters; Hannah is a Geography teacher in London; Lucy is studying Midwifery at Oxford Brookes University.

      I Chair the Parents & Community Committee and I am Link Governor for RE & CW & PSHE. In September 2010 I gained an Accreditation in PSHE from Roehampton University. As PSHE Link Governor, I attend School Council meetings and teach Relationship and Sex Education with the class teacher’s support. I regularly attend RSE, RE & CW update meetings.

        Sally Banham

        My name is Sally Banham and I have been a Foundation Governor since 2015.  I have lived in Beechingstoke since 2001. I am also a member of the PCC. Although my two children are grown up I am happy to support Woodborough School at this important time and as a lawyer for NHS England I can offer  a legal perspective to the Governors discussion.  My specialisations are healthcare law and property.

          Aiden Johnson-Hugill

          Chair of Finance, Staffing, Governance & Premises Committee

          I joined the Governing body in 2010 as a Foundation Governor for the Parish of Stanton St. Bernard.

          I Chair the Finance, Staffing, Governance & Premises Committee and really enjoy my role as Foundation Governor. Both roles give me the opportunity to be more involved in the school and hopefully be of benefit to the organisation.

          The staff at Woodborough do a superb job. They all work very hard and often in ways that are not recognised. Being a governor gives you the chance to give something back to the school and the wider community.

          I live in Stanton St Bernard with my wife and two children, Oliver and Emily. When not working as a Chartered Surveyor for The Canal and River Trust I enjoy spending time with my family.

            Deborah Larkey

            I am the local vicar, the Team Rector of the Vale of Pewsey Team of Churches and therefore Ex- officio Foundation Governor.

            Neil and I have been in Woodborough since January 2007 and we are thankful that both of our children had the great opportunity of attending Woodborough School. Matthew is at University and Bethany at secondary school now.

            It is a privilege to see all our children go through the school from reception to year 6, growing in body, mind and spirit as they develop as unique individuals, part of the school family and loved by God. In my role I am able to encourage connections between the church and school community and it is a special joy to see children I baptised as babies start in Oak class.

            The churches are very glad to offer weekly ‘Open the Book’ Bible stories in school too. Then later on, it is wonderful to see the students at secondary school, who continue in the Christian faith taught at Woodborough and decide to make it their own and be Confirmed as a young adult.

            If I wore a hat, I would take it off in honour of Mrs. Brewis and the Staff as they work so hard to champion and celebrate Christian values in our school. The quality of Collective Worship (thanks to Mrs. Needham and Mrs. Partis too) is exceptional and the special times we share together in the church year, like Harvest, Christmas and Easter are full of joy and deeply moving.


              Parent Governors

              Parent Governors are selected by election and drawn from parents and carers of children at the school.

              Parent Governors are…

              Carolyn Silva

                Rachel Allen

                I have been a Parent Governor since December 2014, elected shortly after my son arrived in Oak class. I am currently Woodborough’s Early Years Governor, helping Mrs Wright with our local pre-school and nursery relationships.

                With the invaluable help of 3 other mothers we started and are running pre-school taster and transition sessions at Woodborough to help the Reception children’s arrival to be relatively comfortable, familiar and wrinkle free. These tasters also help to ensure we engage with future parents which often results in ‘bums on seats’ to maintain numbers on roll, critical for our funding and success in giving our children the most we can. Hopefully this offering also provides new parents with a friendly face outside Reception, aside from our fantastic PTA and staff. By introducing a weekly toddler group to use the library for some of its sessions we also hope and help to encourage future parent/toddler familiarity and thereby interest in the school. We look forward to welcoming Sing and Sign back post training of new staff.

                Aubrey Newman, myself and two parents who provide professional speakers as a business have set up a series of inspirational talks (‘How our World Works’) for our year 5/6s to sow some seeds and help prepare them for the next educational chapter. We are now in the second series and all finding it fascinating. We look forward to welcoming other local year 5/6’s.

                I look forward to being involved in more projects and plans as my term continues.

                I feel passionately about education and about our school. I feel strongly about firm partnerships across the school and community. I feel privileged to be in this position of Governor and I try to ensure my contribution and efforts live up to that.

                When not at school, I try to be a full time mother and wife in Stanton St Bernard. I have major home improvements and building works to manage. I love to read, garden, cook, make plans, have time with friends and be in the countryside with our whippet.



                  Local Authority Governor

                  Local Authority Governors are nominated by the Local Authority

                  Local Authority Governor is…

                  Tim Atkins

                  Chair of Governors

                  I joined the Governing Body in 2013, as a parent Governor, in order to gain a better understanding of how the school is managed and to support the school on a volunteer basis. In 2016, having sat on and Chaired various committees, I was elected Chair of the Governing Body. It is a privilege and yes, sometimes a challenge, to Chair such a great team and to contribute to the success of such an amazing school.

                  Professionally I am a full time government scientist and a senior member of staff which gives me broad experiences including HR, health and safety, project management and technical management. Helen and I live on Smithy Lane with Callum and Jake (both pupils) and Alfie the dog.

                  If you wish to talk to me about the Governing body or if there is something you wish the Governing Body to look at then please don’t hesitate to contact me via the school office.



                    Staff Governors are…

                    Mrs Prathayini Wright

                    I was elected by the staff at the school to represent their views on the Governing body.  I have been Staff Governor at all my previous schools and have immensely enjoyed this role. Being a member of the teaching staff, I am well placed to understand staff views, to remind the governing body how staff matters being discussed affect staff and to help the governing body communicate effectively with staff.

                      Mrs Sarah Brewis – Headteacher


                      Associate Governors are…

                      Mrs Claire Lowe

                      I joined the school as a Teaching Assistant in 2010 and since then I have supported pupils in all year groups. I am experienced in supporting pupils on a 1:1 basis and have also completed my Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) qualification.

                      All four of my own children, now grown up,  have attended Woodborough School.

                      Outside of school my interests include reading, cycling, running and swimming.

                        Sally Gilbey

                        Chair of Health, Safety & Safeguarding Committee

                        I joined the Governing Body in November 2008 as a parent governor shortly after my eldest son entered Woodborough in Reception.

                        When I joined I was looking for the opportunity to give something extra to the school and its community. Like many others I also wanted the chance to really understand and influence the workings of the school. I am now Chair of the Health, Safety & Safeguarding Committee and being a governor has really given me the opportunity to see beyond the 9 am - 3.15 pm workings of the school and be part of the strategic direction.

                        As a family we moved to Bottlesford in 2006 and our second son joined Woodborough in 2011.



                          Follow the link for more details of Governor Roles Responsibilities 2016-17 v2


                          On Thursday 9th June, Governors held an Open Evening to share information about Academy Status and what it might mean for Woodborough School. Slides presented on the evening are available via the following link: Governors’ Academy Open Evening, 9th June 2016


                          Slides presented on the evening can be viewed here:

                          Governors’ Open Evening Presentation, 06.04.17