Admissions Policy Woodborough CE Primary School Admissions Policy, 2017-18     Supplementary Application on Religious Faith Grounds Form (Appendix 1), 2017-18 Woodborough CE Primary School Admissions Policy 2018-19

Woodborough CE Primary School Admissions Policy 2019-20

Relationships & Sex Education Policy RSE Policy May 2016

Complaints Policy Complaints Policy January 2017 version 2

Charging & Remissions Policy Charging Remissions Policy 2017 version 2

Ethos, Behaviour & Discipline Policy Ethos, Behaviour & Discipline Policy, revised September 2016

Child Protection Policy & Associated Documents WPS Child Protection Policy Feb 2017, Appendix 8 – WPS Code of Conduct for safer practice Nov 2015, Information Booklet for Voluntary Helpers, Feb 2017, CP Leaflet for Volunteers & Visitors, Feb 2017 WPS Child Protection Information Leaflet for Parents, Nov 2015, nspcc-pants-campaign prevent-leaflet-for-parents-oct-2016, declaration-of-disqualification-including-by-association

School Use of Photographic, Video & Other Images Policy WPS School Use of Photographic_Video_Other Images Policy, March 2016

Anti-Bullying Policy & associated documents Anti-bulling Policy Jan 2017 version 1

Link to Anti-Bullying Alliance – to find information for Parents & Carers

Kidscape – Preventing Bullying – a guide for parents, added Nov 2107

Kidscape – How to Support Your Bullied Child, added Nov 2017

Wiltshire Police have asked us to add the following links which provide parents with useful information and advice about online issues:



Policies about supporting pupils at school with medical conditions can be viewed here: Administration of Medicine & Procedures Policy, Jan 2017, Allergies Policy, Jan 2017

Teaching & Learning Policy WPS, Teaching & Learning Policy, October 2016

Curriculum Policy Woodborough School Curriculum Policy, October 2016

Assessment Policy WPS Assessment Policy Feb 2017