Maple Class

Hello and welcome to Maple Class.

We are the Year 2 pupils in Woodborough School and the final year in Key Stage 1. By the time the children reach Maple Class they will be fully settled into school routines and will have developed many of the skills and attitudes essential to learning. As such we aim to accelerate the pace of learning in response to the children’s thirst for knowledge.

In Maple Class we begin to broaden the scope of the children’s education in preparation for Key Stage 2. We try to help the children make links and spot relationships between different areas of the curriculum and give their learning a context within the world in which they live.

In Mathematics we begin to introduce more formal methods for recording the children’s increasingly complex calculations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; we look at fractions of shape and number, halves, quarters, division and then link this with telling the time.

In English we continue to extend reading and writing in different genres; extending the children’s knowledge of phonics in reading and then introducing more spelling patterns in writing. We continue to use drama, puppets and retelling to make this stimulating and fun.

Each year we cover six topics which have a subject specific focus. Our topic titles include: ‘Local History and Transport’ – looking at local canals , ‘Living Things and Habitats’ including weekly visits to local woodland, ‘Vehicles’ in D&T – looking at wheels and axles; designing, making and testing our own vehicles and ‘Island Homes’ – looking at life on contrasting islands through the use of stories like Katie Morag. During the year the children will also have opportunities to do cooking as part of their DT, linked in where possible to the other Topic units.

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Mrs Needham and Mrs Crichard


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Maple Class Overview 2016 – 2017

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